can you grow a banana tree from a banana

Can You Grow a Banana Tree From a Banana? The Fact

You eat bananas. But you have ever noticed that you did not find any seed in a banana. The question arise in our minds that if banana trees can be grown from a banana itself. The answer to question is Yes, you can grow a banana tree from a banana. The best way to do this is to cut off the end of the banana and remove the seeds. Then, soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. After that, plant the seeds in moist soil and wait for the tree to start growing..

Another way of growing banana is to carefully remove the banana from its peel, leaving the stem and some of the fruit intact. Plant the banana in a pot of soil, making sure the stem is facing up. Keep the soil moist and in a warm, sunny spot. Within a few weeks, you should see new shoots emerging from the top of the stem.

The process is called ‘suckering’. When the banana tree reaches around 1-2 meters tall, it will start to produce its own fruits.

Banana tree has underground short stem called rhizome. After harvesting season of this plant, several buds appears. these buds gradually grow and become another plant. these new plants are called suckers. These suckers are used to reproduce the banana trees.

How to Grow a Banana Tree From a Cutting?

Followings are the steps to reproduce the banana tree from a cutting of newly grown plant called the suckers.

1. Soften The Soil

Select a banana tree which has at least one daughter plant (a bud grown on the stem root of the banana on the side of banana stem). Check the surface of the soil, if you feel it is hard, Water the banana plant. It will soften the soil in plant surrounding. Leave the area as it is for some time. Wait for some time to half dry the soil. Now it is easy to work with soft soil.

2. Separate The Little Banana Plant.

After Softening the soil, now you can easily separate the newly grown tiny plant (sucker). To separate the plant, cut stem root of the parent banana near from the place where this tiny daughter banana grows on the parent root stem. Avoid over cutting of parent banana tree. Take this new small separated plant, put some soil on its root stem. This soil is useful when there is a long interval between separation of plant and replanting time. Now it is ready to replant on anther place.

3. Select and Prepare a Place for Banana Plant

You can select a suitable place for this baby plant. A place with proper sunlight is essential for banana to grow. The place should also be airy. Shady place where small amount of sunlight reaches is not suitable for growing bananas. Banana need more water to grow. So supply of sufficient water should be available at that place.

Prepare the land properly for germination of banana. Dig and soften the soil. Make some moisture in the soil by watering it and wait for some time to half dry the place. Use some fertilizer to base the soil for better growing power. you can read my post for preparation of land below:-

5 Initial Steps in Land Preparation – Start Planting

4. Plant New Banana Tree

When land preparation is complete, Now you can plant the banana tree. Make the stem deep enough in the soil and press the soil well around the stem. The plant should be vertical straight position. Water the plant and wait for the banana tree to grow.

banana tree
Banana tree


It is not possible to grown banana directly from the actual banana. It can be reproduced by the little daughter banana plant which grows on the stem root of the parent banana tree.

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