growning green onions from seed

Best Way for Growing Green Onions From Seed Safely

We shall learn here the easiest way for growing green onions from seed. Green onion has a very tasteful contribution in our daily cooking foods. It is also a rich vitamin source in our healthily diet routines. Green onions are technically a medium stage of the onion production process. Here plants roots are start becoming in the shape of an onion. The process of grown green onions has multiple steps. I shall explain one by one as below:-

Preparation Of Land For Seeding

The first step in preparation of land for seeding is to dig it well. Soften the mush of the earth and loosen it so that oxygen can pass through it well. It is very fertile for plant growth. Add natural fertilizers to it. For example Fertilizer which is made by old leaves of plants is much better. Mix well and leave it for a while. So that the components of the fertilizer mix well with the soil. On the second day, smooth out all the preparations. Level it for water as well.

Sowing The Onion’s Seed

Sow the seeds in prepared soil. Seed should be sown near to each other. Do not sow them far away. You should sow the seed near the surface of the earth, not too deep into the ground.

Green onions seed
Green onions seed

Watering The Onion Seed

First time watering to onion seeds required more attention and care. Seeds are light weight, so it can be ran away with the water if not watered properly. Water pressor should be high. It should be normal enough to avoid seed flowing with the water. Provide 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch level of water to the soil surface of the ground.

Once Plants are grown. you need to supply regular water to the plants. It should be twice in a week. And then after once in a week period.

Weather Protection For Onion Plants

Green onion plants are a little sensitive to weather conditions. Normally these plants are grown in the start of winter season. If these plants are in outer open area, then it is required to make some shelter on the plants when these are tiny in age and shape to protect them from serious cold weather condition. Indoor yards, you can sow these plants near to the wall of the yard. It will protect the green plants from weather interference.

Pick Out Green Onions

Green onions plants are prepared in about 4 weeks period. To pick these plants out of the field, first water the area and make the soil wet. Wait for some time about 8 hours to dry out some water. When only moisture is left in the ground soil, you can pick out the plants one by one from the ground as the soil is now much soft and there is no problem of hardness during the process.

Summary of Growing Green Onions From Seed

In this article we have learn about growing green onions. First step is to prepare the land well for the seeds to grow. add seeds in the ground carefully. Manage the water for these seeds. When plants are grown, protect these tiny plants from weather conditions. green onions are prepared in 4 weeks period. Pick out these green onion plants from the field.

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